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Lets go fly a kite

Lets go fly a kite

We celebrated the Kite Festival in Houston last spring! My husband decided since we are obsessed with the Capcom game: Monster Hunter on the Nintendo 3DS, we should make Monster Hunter Kites! This awesome idea came the day before the festival. We were able to run to Home Depot and buy some dowels but everything else used to build the kite was already in our own kitchen! We invited a couple of friends over to create with us.

Our friends (Don and Thomas) and I made the traditional “diamond” kite following directions from here. Whereas my husband wanted something a bit larger for his Palico creation – which you can see the diagram here.


  1. Large industrial clear trash bags
  2. Dowels
  3. String – we used some lightweight string from Home Depot
  4. Sharpies for drawing on our kites!
  5. Clear packaging tape

Here are the some pictures that showcase how we made the kites and how they flew!

The day was bright and lovely and can you believe it – our kites actually flew! This was actually my first time flying a kite!! It was so fun to make our own kites and see if they would actually get in the air.

The kite festival is coming up again this Sunday – April 3rd! If you can go, you really must! It is a fun event in Houston. Remember to bring sunblock and drink lots of water!

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