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Usagi Bash!

Usagi Bash!

We were so happy to throw our very first event! What better way to celebrate our favorite show growing up than to throw a bash in honor of the title character (and her daughter…spoilers)!!

First off, we are eternally grateful to Ash from Ash Snap’em Photography for taking these pics! She is not only a great friend but an amazing photographer and if you ever need a local Houston/DFW area photographer we highly recommend her! We also want to thank Paul from Viet Nom Noms who let us have the event at his restaurant, seriously yummy food!

We had bingo, coloring pages, key chain making station, compact cookies and tons of giveaways!! We had alot of fun and met so many new people who enjoy all things magical.

If you didn’t get to make the event, we want to have more meet ups! What fandoms are you into? Animal Crossing, Cardcaptor, comic books, video games and 3DS…?

Oh, and if you wanted a goody bag, we have an extra to giveaway! More details to come next week!!!!

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    • Mija says:

      Thanks Emma! We were happy that so many people ended up coming! We only made an event page on facebook and it we were pleasantly surprised that many people came to the meet up! Houston is kind of a big city so picking a central location to meet up was hard but it worked out!!

  1. So I totally drooled over your Instagram feed while you were putting all of this together! Also, I secretly hope you put those adorable 3DS cases back in your shop if you can. I had been looking for a geeky case for my 3DS XL for AGES and fell in love with yours on Instagram!

    • Mija says:

      Thanks so much!!! My friend luckily came and took so many pictures of the event for us!!! So if the pics look awesome it is because she rocks!!!

      I just put a poll up on Mind Speaks IG asking if people wanted the cases to return back on the shop!!!! Stay tuned!!! ^^!

  2. Heather says:

    Wow that’s an awesome idea! I’m really curious to know how you put this together so a behind the scenes look would be awesome 🙂

    • Mija says:

      Our IG had alot of behind the scenes, like how we made the goody bags and what they are filled with!!! I’ll try and compile everything to a new post to talk about the process!!! Great idea!!!

    • Mija says:

      Thanks so much!!! I had to do little by little on the bags and goodies!!! It def. was a process but we had so much fun putting it together!!!!

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