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Origami: Dinosaurs

Origami: Dinosaurs

It’s been a bit rainy the past few days so what’s the a fun thing to do when you’re stuck inside? Origami! I’ve been on an origami craze! I have the honor to work for HMNS in Houston Texas and when I’m not writing copy I get to help out with the Membership events at the Museum. That includes helping plan out events for the young professional group, HMNS Catalysts. I mostly help out with the crafts, and I’ve already included origami at two events!

Back in January we had our first Catalysts event of 2017 and our theme was dinosaurs, featuring our great Hall of Paleontology. Not only did I teach myself how to make three different types of dinosaur origami, I was also responsible for folding tons of larger paper dinos that were used as the backdrop in our photobooth. Let’s just say I had a lot of fun folding these dinos, and I had the chance to learn something new.

I really enjoy teaching others how to craft, so I had no problem being in charge of this table. And the Members appeared to have a great time folding these cute little dinosaurs. I tried to find dinosaurs that varied on level, starting with a bit easy and working it’s way to a bit more ambitious.

  • First up is Brachiosaurus:  This one is pretty easy, it does require some scissors to cute out sections of the dino, but nothing too complicated. I suggested this one for the members that were a bit intimidated by the thought of origami.
  • Next up is what looks like a Raptor to me: This was actually the first dinosaur I learned how to fold, but I figured this one might have been too complicated for some. But I like how this one looks, mine just always come out looking as though they are doing the splits.
  • Lastly, Maiasaura? I didn’t know this dinosaur name until just now so don’t worry if it’s not familiar to you. This has to be my favorite one out of the three. I learned this one last minute and I’m so glad I did. It’s a bit more difficult than the raptor, but I’m glad I decided to look for one more dinosaur.

I had a lot of fun learning how to make these little paper dinosaurs. I found each of the tutorials online, it might take you a few tries but it’s pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

Happy paper folding!

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