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Summer Idea – sweet treat

Summer Idea - sweet treat

Summer is officially over but fresh tasting desserts never go out of season. This recipe has been my go-to crowd pleaser and as a plus, it looks pretty fancy. This quick and easy recipe is very hands on so it’s nice to do this with kids or a group of friends. So you’re wondering, “Kat, what is this amazing recipe you are talking about?” I’ll cut to the chase.

I found this recipe during Fourth of July and quickly fell in love with it. When it comes to cake I prefer light and delicate compare to typical buttercream iced cakes. The first thing that comes to mind is trifle! This recipe calls for pound cake but I paired it with angel food cake instead, to give it more texture. So enough talking, here is the recipe!

~Mixed Berry Trifle~


  • 2 cups of heavy whipping cream
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 cup cold milk
  • one 3.4 oz package of vanilla pudding mix
  • one Box mix of angel food cake (you can be fancy and more your own cake by scratch)
  • Mixed berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, ect)

Here are your ingredients.

In a stand mixer, whip the cream until stiffed peaks form, then set aside. In a large bowl, beat the sour cream, milk and pudding until it thickens. Fold in the whipped cream and set aside.

Here is the fun part… the assembling! I used glass trifle cups but any container will work out but seeing the layer is a nice presentation. Cut cake into cubes, place first layer of cake then place berries over cake then add pudding mixture – repeat till you fill your container.

Refrigerate for 2 hours then you are all set! This is an amazingly easy way to make a fancy looking item on the cheap!

Pretty and refreshing


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Kat is a lead pastry chef. When she isn’t in the kitchen she’s traveling space and time with Doctor Who and solving mysteries with Sherlock. Email her at

First Look: Webster’s Pages Planner Girls

First Look: Webster's Pages Planner Girls


I think I speak for my sisters when I say, we here at Mind-Speaks are completely enamored by all things planners. Washi tape, pretty papers, stamps ect.

I’ve been using personal size planners for the past year and I love the new ring based planner system. I thought personal size would be enough for me, and it is for traveling purposes. However, then I was introduced to the A5 ring planner. Webster’s Pages Color Crush A5 Planner to be exact.

 A new craft store has opened up in Houston, A Little Craft Place. Now, my reason, aside from my obsession with planners, for wanting to visit this craft store is because I found out they sold Webster’s Pages. I’ve been wanting a Traveler’s Notebook in mint for the longest time. I even ordered one on Amazon thinking I’d save myself 10 bucks. However, the seller did not communicate with me and I had to ask for a refund. Luckily, this new craft store had what I was looking for and more. That’s when we all laid eyes on the A5 planner, and I’m sure the other Vera Girls will share their opinions later on. Mija bought us each our own and now I’m in love with the size. There is so much room for writing out weekly and monthly plans. Plus, more room for decorating. I try not to go over board, which I find myself doing more in my personal size.


If there is anything we love, it’s matching and pretty colorful things. How could we walk away from these beauties? I mean…really?! Too pretty to walkaway from. So thank you Mija, for convincing me about adding this to my planner family. You can look forward to some planner videos that will go into further A5 detail. I promise to show off my weekly layouts eventually.

As well as a more detailed post on my Traveler’s notebook, I’m still getting used to it, but I’m loving it a lot. I hope you stop by and take a look at what Mind-Speaks will have to share.

Thanks for stopping by

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Kim works as a museum Copywriter and helps out with events from time to time. When she isn’t working or blogging, she is probably off taking a nap. Feel free to email her at

A Day of Knitting

A Day of Knitting


Hello all! Kimmy here to bring you a montage on my knitting process. I’ve been knitting for several years now…(does the math) 8 years to be exact. And I’ve developed some skills in that time frame. The best thing about that is that I continue to learn new knitting skills.

It’s one of my favorite hobbies and I’m so happy that I took that first step in learning how to knit. Crochet is a completely different thing. I’m slowly learning how, but I haven’t picked it up as quickly has I have with knitting. The best thing about crochet is that you can make the cutest creatures. Knitting is a bit different in that sense. I’ve been seeing a bunch of crochet items that are just too cute and I’ve been wanting to learn how to make them myself.

My biggest inspiration being Taylor from, Nothing But a Pigeon. I met her a couple years ago at a craft market and she was beyond nice. Her crochet taxidermy is amazing, I purchased a jellyfish from her and I’ve been inspired ever since. She makes a bunch of other animals too I, however, am still stuck on the jellyfish. It’s changed over the years.  Above are the first two I ever knitted. The orange one was so perfect!!! I knitted it for a friend and I haven’t been able to get it to that level in a long tie. I want my knitting to be consistent. -.- Anywho, I’ve knitted a few since that first one as gifts for friends. It’s random, but I find them to be cute.

The one I’m knitting in the video happens to be a new version. The tentacles have curled ends and two toned colors on a few of the tentacles, just something I’m testing out.

Thanks for watching and reading.

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kimKIM VERA - (view all posts by Kim)
Kim works as a museum Copywriter and helps out with events from time to time. When she isn’t working or blogging, she is probably off taking a nap. Feel free to email her at