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Fold Clutch

Fold Clutch

Today I bring you….my Star Wars fold clutch.I’ve been wanting to make a clutch for a while now and after I found this tutorial I decided to make one. I’ve been wanting a clutch for those nights when all I need is some lip balm, my id, cell, and a few dollars.

 I need something small and compact that can carry a few things and not weigh me down. And this clutch suits those needs and I’m so happy with the finished product. Even though it came out a bit crooked, I had a little trouble, it still makes me happy.  Now I followed the tutorial as best I could, but I had difficulties when it came to the zipper. So I kind of winged it when it came to that part. The next time I make one, I won’t make the same mistakes. I need a new rotary blade. I so wish I had that electronic cutter. It would make things soooo much easier for me. Also for the next time, I will have to keep in mind the direction of the fabric. Since mine has a pattern I didn’t think that about that and so the Star Wars words are upside down on the fold.

The middle picture shows what is under the fold. This fabric is my favorite fabric. I also made a messenger bag out of it. The fabric I used is actually a bed sheet and I am starting to run out of it. >o< But since this fabric isn’t as sturdy as I wish it was I had to add a lining of interfacing in it. I love adding the tabs on the ends of my zipper it helps a lot when sewing it. That is what I love so much about new projects and tutorials. They teach me new techniques and I actually feel my skills are improving.So I’m really glad there are sewers and knitters who post tutorials. If not for them, I wouldn’t have such great hobbies. >.<

Stay tuned for Mija’s update next month.  :3


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