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Review:Traveler’s Notebook

Review:Traveler's Notebook

Like many of you out there, I love stationery. I LOVE journals the most and I’ve been lusting after this olive green traveler’s notebook for awhile now. Specifically, this one from the original TN brand….at least I think it is the original brand.

I’ve mentioned tn’s before in a post and I also purchased a pocket sized one a few months ago that I reviewed over here. And now! Here I am again reviewing another tn! I know, I said I wouldn’t need a standard tn, but I found an alternative to the Olive Midori. I purchased on Amazon but the seller also has an etsy shop which I think is easier to navigate. I love it!

I also made a video review showing you what came in the package I purchased. If you’re as obsessed with journals as I am then feel free to check it out. I know tns aren’t for everyone, but if you like this style of journal I’d love to hear about what sort of inserts you carry around in yours.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

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