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Workshop: Bullet Journal

Workshop: Bullet Journal

Last week, there was a Bullet Journal workshop. The second one I have attended and it was a lot fun to meet up with people that enjoy stationery/journals/planners as much as I do.


These workshops take place in an independent store, Brazos Bookstore. They set up tables, sample paper and pens and other bujo accessories and then you just sit down, listen, socialize and plan out your bujo.  They even do raffles and give away free journals so you can get started right away. It’s really generous and a perfect way to get people excited. They are still figuring out what exactly is involved in these workshops so it is a work in progress, mostly discussions about different ways you can organize your bujos. However,a lot of the attendees have already started theirs and so it’s a great way to just get inspired. These events also let you test out items they have in the store, pens, paper, stencils, ect.

I’m looking forward to the next workshop, and hope to venture out to other workshops as well. I have my eyes on a hand letting one so I’ll keep you updated.

That’s all for now, until next time!

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Kim works as a museum Copywriter and helps out with events from time to time. When she isn’t working or blogging, she is probably off taking a nap. Feel free to email her at

Dragon’s Lair in North Houston

Dragon's Lair in North Houston

A new comic book/board/card game store has opened in North Houston! We went to 3 different events at this location: a board game demo night, magic the gathering night and a comic book release day. Each event was awesome and fun!

At first glance, the store is huge! They have a really appealing layout, a section for board/card games, a section for manga, comics, toys, tables for playing games and a totally awesome kids section! Seriously, this kid section has bean bag chairs, a tv playing cartoons, plushies and kid books/games and comics! I can’t wait to have our daughter come pick up her chibi kid comics over in this corner!

Let’s break down the store sections.

  • In the board/card game section, we have discovered many kick ass games from this store – the best thing about this store they have an awesome demo section. We got to demo a few games before we even buying them! They have this area broken up by type of game and expansion.

  • Demo section! There is a whole shelf full of demo games for you try out and play test. So awesome!
  • They have all the current comics, with a selection of nice trade backs and manga. Note to a new customer looking for past issues – they don’t file or keep old issues, what they have on the wall is what you see. They are limited on space so this is understandable but just in case you’re looking for a certain past issue you might want to call ahead.

  • They have open space with tables for card or board games. They also have 3 tall table top tables with environments you can build out for some 40k fun!
  • My favorite section is the kid section! There is a tv playing cartoons, with kid comics, games for youngsters and plushies!! I can’t wait to have my daughter pick out a comic and game!

Their events are pretty fun as well! We love going to game board demo night which usually runs on Mondays. The tables get pretty filled up with Magic and Pokemon players though so you gotta go in early to grab a spot to play!

One of the coolest things about this place is that they have a shop cat. Not just any type of cat, a Maine Coon! As a Maine Coon owner, I can say that these massive teddy bears are an amazing breed to have around people! His name is Odin and he is beautiful! (This pic is from their facebook)

The staff is super helpful, they read current comics, play tons of games and they really know their products. We have discovered many games through their suggestions! The owner, Robert is awesome as well! You can tell everyone on staff really enjoy games and comics. Far too many shops have an almost elitist feel but this space is totally safe and fun.

If you ever visit, you guys should play Mice and Mystics and Downwood Tales expansion, my husband and I play tested the game! Our names are in the play book for the expansion!

The store is located at: 21151 Tomball Pkwy, Houston, TX 77070

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Mija has been a designer for the last 15 years. She is a paper obsessed fiend and loves working on new projects while listening to her kids and Maine Coon cat chatter around the house. You can email her at

Review:Traveler’s Notebook

Review:Traveler's Notebook

Like many of you out there, I love stationery. I LOVE journals the most and I’ve been lusting after this olive green traveler’s notebook for awhile now. Specifically, this one from the original TN brand….at least I think it is the original brand.

I’ve mentioned tn’s before in a post and I also purchased a pocket sized one a few months ago that I reviewed over here. And now! Here I am again reviewing another tn! I know, I said I wouldn’t need a standard tn, but I found an alternative to the Olive Midori. I purchased on Amazon but the seller also has an etsy shop which I think is easier to navigate. I love it!

I also made a video review showing you what came in the package I purchased. If you’re as obsessed with journals as I am then feel free to check it out. I know tns aren’t for everyone, but if you like this style of journal I’d love to hear about what sort of inserts you carry around in yours.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

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Kim works as a museum Copywriter and helps out with events from time to time. When she isn’t working or blogging, she is probably off taking a nap. Feel free to email her at